StarlingandHider Meetup Backpack! Large Backback (Long)

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StarlingandHider bring you a great size of backpack to protect those pesky LeverArch files, document cases, widescreen Wacom tablets, Big Sonys,Toshiba, Studio and Gamer laptops : the Hider Meetup Backpack, is an anti-theft design with hidden zips and is sustainably & ethically produced in soft vegetable-tanned Italian leather.

The Meetup backpack styled to fit a hard-working day comfortably fits large laptops,Tablet,pencil, charger etc.With low-profile tough zipped leather internal pockets,2 separate shoulder-straps to avoid straining your neck and an open interior for easy access.

Modular add-ins are available to secure from strong internal split rings. This is the 21st century mobile worker's version of a 19th Century Waltzing Matilda & a 20th Century Personal Organiser.

Jump on the tube or bike it Handsfree. Run,Walk, Slouch but never strut. products are hand made in small batches and may change slightly from time to time depending on natural marking on hides, availability of materials and trim.