Starling & Hider Backpack Meetup! Large Studio & Gamer Backback (Long)

Regular price £350.00

Starling & Hider bring you a great size of backpack to fit those widescreen Studio and Gamer laptops : the Hider Meetup Backpack, is a sustainably & ethically produced, soft vegetable-tanned Italian leather backpack to fit large laptops,Tablet,pencil, charger etc.Has zipped low-profile tough zipped leather internal pockets,2 seperate shoulder-straps to avoid straining your neck and an open interior for easy access.Modular add-ins to secure from the strong internal split rings. 21st century gamer's version of a 19th Century Waltzing Matilda & a 20th Century Personal Organiser. Jump on the tube or bike it. Run,Walk, Slouch but never strut. Wear it with or without a Sam Brown belt and strap for ultra safe carrying of key accoutrements.Choose with or without a Faraday cage lining in back.Products are hand made in small batches and may change slightly from time to time depending on natural marking on hides, availability of materials and trim.