Starling & Hider Attache Meetup!

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A neat light Vegtan Leather Starling and Hider Meetup Document Folio/Attache Bag handmade in London.The Meettup is just perfect for those days when you are absolutely focused on essential work, research or presentation tasks.Holds precious papers,13” laptop or tablet & a little more besides as you keep it all together between meetings.Comes with patch pockets to keep keys & cardholder.Unhook keys & Cardholders from your backpack & pop them onto a keyfob attached to the folio.Lined in Italian organic cotton twill or hard-wearing.Made of soft Italian leather spun in a giant drier to make it feel butterry soft.Feels gorgeous,looks great.

Starling & Hider Attache an elegant solution to flexible workspaces and hot-desking. Take what you exactly what you need to client Meetups