StarlingandHider Attache Meetup!

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Just released:the neat light Vegtan Leather StarlingandHider Meetup Document Folio/Attache Bag handmade in London.The Meetup is just perfect for those days when you are absolutely focused on essential work, research or presentation tasks.Holds precious papers,13” laptop or tablet & a little more besides. You keep it all together, confident that in meetings and between meetings you have everything at your fingertips.The Meetup Attache comes with patch pockets to keep powerpack,phone, keys & cardholder readily available to you.Unhook keys & Cardholders from your backpack & pop them onto a keyfob attached to the folio.

Lined in Italian organic cotton twill or hard-wearing nylon or cashmere depending on your vendor.This year we start making the Meetup in authentically veg-tanned Italian leather to make it feel butterry soft.Feels gorgeous,looks great.

Starling & Hider Attache an elegant solution to take you through your day:travel,moving to and from sometimes rather too flexible workspaces and hot-desking. Take what you exactly what you need to client Meetups.

The Meetup was inspired by our founder who described a year several decades ago where her work environment was fun but noisy ( a factory floor with 40 feet high presses) and her work-base was a shelf by the clocking-in machine. She needed a bag which could fold flat and be quickly zipped up again and she found a music folio in the attic of her rented flat which was absolutely ideal.Nowadays she carries an iPad an iPhone and fold-away Powermat.