Z Summer only Starling & Hider T Shirt Leveret Short Sleeve

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Starling and Hider Logo printed on soft spun , sustainably grown organic cotton & bamboo linen T-shirt made by happy workers under really good conditions. This T-shirt will take you anywhere: artie wearers know its about fun, holding onto the whimsical, enjoying mystery and escape in a harsh world, secret squirrels think its about who knows what.Relax nobody is going to ask about your agenda.

These products will be available again before Easter. Sorry! Our products are ethically sourced, beautifully made to order in sustainable cotton jersey or bamboo linen (that is the organically grown product which is tenderised by a mechanical process not the chemically yukky rayon-like bamboo jersey). Starling & Hider will donate 10% of our 2019 T-Shirt net profits to Save the Children