PreOrder a Strappy for your Bike or key fob and Get it in August - 50% off Offer!

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Pre-Order from our new August Drop and get up to 50% off

We do have black ones in stock at full-price - See normal Strappy if you can't wait until mid August! Mail us if you would like special colours and we'll see what we can do.

Starling and Hider Strappy is a great way of keeping things together on the move.A hybrid between a keyfob and a clip-hanger the Strappy has an extra long double leather strap.Love your neighbour;) Give them to your cable-tie addicted friends to wean them away from permanent fixings. Give them to the pom-pom or tassle-obsessed so they can attach their dog or cat smartening up their lead or collar.

Long enough to attach your bag securely to your bike without buying a strange shaped piece of bike furniture which either gets stolen or goes mouldy. Enjoy life and KeepMoving!!!!!