What is behind the Handsfree idea? Why Starling and Hider? And WHAT.. is the logo about?


Handsfree StarlingandHider KeepMoving but Hang Cool

Starling and Hider KEEP MOVING but hang cool!

StarlingandHider say that being handsfree is ideal. You move freely and are streetsafe

We talk to StarlingandHider's founders and give you all the gen

Maggie Kennedy founder of Starling and Hider has created a cool contemporary accessories brand, handmade in London and Surrey.Here she talks about the handsfree ethos and the art of carrying less:


Starling and Hider Founder is Maggie Kennedy a London based Designer

"I used to travel to 3 countries a week and was constantly worried about losing a client's laptop or confidential papers. I took the chance of freedom during an IBM restructure. No regrets: I took some time off to be with my sister who was ill and during the holidays I worked on some Internet of Things Ideas (like finding the keys) while playing on the beach with the kids.Then I met Christian from "TrackR" who said he finds stuff and I joked... O I'm going to set up Hider and we'll hide things"

When you are relaxed you think more clearly and usually end up carrying as little as possible 

"My first Research Mentor in the venture: my friend Monika, a Behavioural Psychologist and I talked often about how people struggling through turnstiles, letting go their toddler's hands, dropping their phones and cards, letting their tablets fall out of flimsy tote bags and worse ....we thought we could help with a range of accessories to make things easier"


People struggle with their belongings struggling as they go through turnstiles dropping their phones and cards tangling wires from their devices in their bike wheels and so on


"Designed for today's mobile workforce, we help people carry just enough to get on with their day. Some days need to be hands-free whether you are skate-boarding,cycling or jogging or caring for someone old or young. Many times you only need your tablet,some papers & your phone for a quick meetup in the canteen. Other days you will need a big laptop AND a tablet and a change of clothes."

Use Starling and Hider Straptachs to attach your bags securely to your bike

Why Starling and Hider?

"We had founded a company called Hider which came out of some research we were doing and some trademarks for hiding and shielding phones and devices because we have always wanted to protect people's data and security. From Research we understood that people felt that the name Hider sounded too secretive although since we were making leather card-holders and devices it was a pity to lose the name...could we add something else? So we thought about the travel theme and we realized that Starlings were a bit like commuters milling about the city, gathering and retreating and very active around the time commuters are intent on going home for the evening or out to enjoy themselves.We also thought about how they communicate with each other and that gave us some other ideas... but I digress!"

And the Logo?

"We have 2 logos :

The Hider Brand which is represented by an H with a hidden eye is on our British Starling Micros, Meetup Backpacks and Attache and will be the first to have Hider tags on them next year

The StarlingandHider brand will be the main brand going forward and tries to bring together the ideas of interaction and retreat which I think we all need to consider... you can't keep moving (another of our popular hashtags) all day ... you need to fall back and stay cool sometimes.

StarlingandHider Registered TradeMark


"We wanted something simple, different and memorable. We didn't want to have anything formal or pretentious since we are such a new little company and we wanted a light, playful touch, certainly not anything excessively corporate or  aggressive  ... although amusingly a security professional interpreted the logo as 2 fierce predators tackling a rodent... hardly!"

Some of Starling and Hiders images are in the realm of the metaphysical



"Thinking globally but making locally is an ethical standard we believe will help secure and generate work for local artisans and their apprentices."

We only manufacture in the UK at the moment although we are open to licensing the making of our products abroad for local markets, similarly encouraging local artisans and developing a local workforce

Our main 3 products released in the first half of this year are :

Meetup Backpack   £479 - :

Meetup Backpack: Treat yourself to a bit of Luxury handmade in London

Limited Stocks in Red Black Tan Yellow

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Meetup Attache  £179 - :

Limited Stocks in Red Black Tan Yellow

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Starling Micro  £109 - :

Starling Micro stay handsfree, see who is calling with the Micro Window or stay stealthed with the closed version

in Red Black Tan Yellow

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Ethical Dimension and why we give 10% of our net profits to charity

We are trying to do the right thing by creating long-lasting products made locally from ethically sourced materials: low-impact new and up-cycled leather and sustainably produced and printed natural and recyclable bio-plastic fabrics. Our first range is in new Pelle Vera Bubble a heat-treated vegetable tanned Italian leather. New products released later this year will be made in new English equestrian leather. In the longer term for those willing to order up to a year ahead we can also undertake to make fully organic product batches from British organically reared animals and tan this here in the UK. We are a family firm and give 10% of our net profit to local charities which help people struggling in the community.

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