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Featured in #PureLondonAW18 Accessories Luxury products at a great #LaunchOffer price

Starling and Hider is a cool contemporary accessories brand, handmade in London and Surrey. Designed for today's mobile workforce, we help people carry just enough to get on with their day. Some days need to be hands-free whether you are skate-boarding,cycling or jogging or caring for someone old or young. Many times you only need your tablet,some papers & your phone for a quick meetup in the canteen. Other days you will need a big laptop AND a tablet and a change of clothes.

Following PURELONDON and LONDON FASHION WEEK for a limited time you can pre-order a range of our products at up to 50% of retail price.

See the products in the campaign below

Meetup Backpack Limited Offer  £175 - : in Red Black Tan Yellow Buy

Meetup Attache Limited Offer £100 - : in Red Black Tan Yellow Buy   

Starling Micro Limited Offer £55 - : in Red Black Tan Yellow Buy

We are trying to do the right thing by creating long-lasting products from ethically sourced materials: low-impact new and up-cycled leather and sustainably produced and printed natural and recyclable bio-plastic fabrics.

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