Handmade with Care

Handmade luxury accessories and luggage helping you through your every day from dawn to dusk.....starting with your sleepy wakeup ,through your commute ,taking you with a breeze into freestyle creative sessions through to the hard-nosed planned meet ups. Our bags work through workdays and leisure so they just have to be made with care to work for you ..............................its personal.

All our bags are made in the UK, in North London and Hackney. We make also specialist bespoke commissions with 2 firms of highly skilled fashion consultants. Our suppliers have decades of experience making ultra-high quality luggage and accessories and we rely on them to make these bags the best they can be. 

Taking a rest after pressing out using the knives template

Making the Starling Micro "windowless"version in Surrey

Hand Finishing the Art Director insert in Surrey

Lining up the 2 inserts for the Art Director in Surrey

Sampling the Meetup Attache in Hackney

Sampling 2 widths of the backpack & handles for the Attache for user testing

Trying out a Lining for the first Sample Run of the Meetup Attache. Sample Cardholders also being made in the background