Keep moving : Handsfree Commuting with Starling and Hider Accessories

In a crowded environment you need
at least the illusion of being free
City life ideal ..greenery, buzz & open sky
Carrying less in the city leaves you feeling less stressed 
Being able to move freely: Hands-free
But Street-safe and Street-wise
A bag company wants you to carry less?
     ...........Because handsfree is worry-free
and we want you to have the confidence
 to go anywhere and be yourself.
Ideally you should be as handsfree as possible
whatever that is
Make you feel(metaphorically!) as if
you can leap tall buildings.Confidence!
To carry as little as possible
to get you through your day 
In the best of all worlds ..................
you should have a device at home
and a card-holder in your pocket
or attached to your belt.
or attached to something else
which is .......
                                    attached to something else.........
                                    whilst your travel card and ticket are
                                     snugly in the back pocket of the
                                    Starling Micro & your tiny contactless
card up and ready to pay for your
coffee just as that phone rings!
But sometimes there's stacks to carry 
and only the smallest amount of time
as life rushes by....and because
life isn't always as simple
as we would like......and things catch up with you
we make bags too.
So you can carry the right stuff for your day
Just going to and fro on your bike or seg-way?
Just dash to work or college
with your cards, phone or tickets
We want you to carry less
So we make some small leather-goods
to make your life easier:
e-Fobs, key fobs,lanyards,cargo chains,
belts, coin-purses, phone and card-holders
Because life isn't always as simple
as we would like it we make bags too.