HandMade in London: Sustainably made English Accessories

Can we hold our heads up and say to that we are doing our bit to save the planet?


In our finite world people need to have sustainable natural choices when making a purchase.

Can we hold our heads up and say to that we are doing our bit to save the planet for our children and grandchildren?

This was our starting point.

Our bags won’t poison you or your children.Our dyes are natural.Our materials endure.

We buy responsibly we make to order ourselves and buy in small batches from ethical suppliers whom you can trust.

Starling and Hider Supplier's Studio


We live in London in a post-Brexit landscape.....this means we have a clear choice : make and buy in the UK using local skills or import cheaper foreign-made goods. We made our choice : make and buy here. Its a hard one,yes you can buy a leather bag made by political prisoners in Turkey or Mongolia for pennies......

Hider logo being pressed at the factory

Our beautiful handmade leather bags are made from the most long-lasting hard-wearing leather we can find: in most cases full-hide, unsplit, unlaminated... the  real thing!

Natural tan and walnut organically vegetable tanned leather

Next year we will also increase the number of products made from English Vegtan cowhide,Scottish and Welsh sheepskin and English kidskin.

We will also introduce affordable ways to own our bags using kits of leather pieces and workshop events where you can make your own sustainable product for yourself or family and friends.

We also see that raw materials are precious and if you would like to repair or upcycle an existing bag or item of clothing you already have please contact us about our re-styling services.


Made in London with love ....X