Handmade in London?


Our Bona Fides

Standing out from many new brands launching in London this year StarlingandHider is cool, contemporary and handcrafted in the UK. 



to let you be Handsfree

All my life I wondered ........

why do women carry 2 bags and men a maximum of 1?



When we say we are a "North-London Family Business" do we:

Live in London?

Yes, we live and breathe ......

and work and love and cycle and laugh in London

This is looking North of Paddington Basin .....

towards the next area to be gentrified, sorry re-generated. 




It is important to us to give back to London.

We make here with London-based artisans from all over the world.
We give back with every bag we sell .....
but we want to do more:
Train and help people to feel confident, productive and safe
whoever you are
and whatever your aspirations .....
as you travel in our city and beyond.






Here we are with Sibu Muse .....

at Pure London earlier this year, with our Meetup Prototypes.






Starting with the family


but also other artists, makers & you .....
if you would like to start making from materials around you
or the more expensive long-lasting leathers we currently use.
Contact us if you would like to be involved.

Design in London?

Yes we do!


At home or in the office in North London
(and in Shoreditch and Hackney).
Our old studio was in Wallis Road Hackney (sigh)
in a studio we shared with a mix of arty & graffiti artists but is now a block of flats. but we have been known to get out of London too.

Trained or Training in London?

Maggie trained in Glasgow at a manufacturer for Marks and Spencers and other big retailers, then after studying Architecture at Glasgow School of Art followed by an MA at Glasgow and a refresher year at CityandGuilds London Art School she worked with 2 fashion consultants/makers and continues to improve her skills at Morley College in Southwark in London. Her daughters studied at Goldsmiths and London College of Communication and are key advisors in design and marketing.We intend to train living wage apprentices next year. Contact us if you are interested.

Buy Materials in London?

Yes we source our Italian and Belgian leather from Bachelors in London. We are also looking forward (?) to a post-Brexit London using only English, Welsh and Scottish leathers

Make Prototypes in London?

Yes we work on an idea ourselves here in London (Hackney and Shoreditch) or in our partner studios in Surrey. We often playing with card, upcycled or end of line materials or for our customers make a production sample and try it out then plan for scaling, marketing and advertising. If it is an idea whose time has not yet come we keep researching to find out what might work better. We have a litany of customer-journey ideas but welcome to any suggestions.

Why don't you Laser-cut our source leather kits from China?

To laser cut is slower than to use a template set of "knives" or traditional stampings. I tried it and found the edge less sharp and the stampings very unclear. And for one-offs it is much quicker to cut it out by hand. We work with skill and tolerance rather than absolute precision... but that is why our accessories actually work! Computerising our designs is not relevant to our scale (up to 200 bags per month) but we'll see.

Manufacture (not just assemble) in London?

And no we don't make in China, we make here


Pay people in London?

We don't have any employees, we sub-contract to London artisans what we don't do ourselves.Craft skills are rare in the UK but Starling & Hider put craftsmanship at the heart of what they do...supporting artisanal workers in and around London, tanning & dyeing leather; cutting, sewing & finishing bags to be cherished by you and the generation after you and probably the generation after that!


Sell in London?

Yes we are revising our list of outlets at the moment to ensure that we offer retailers and customers the best deal we can. We also sell samples directly at Chatsworth Road Sunday Market in Dalston East London (not too far from the rather more expensive Burberry & Gucci outlets and we open earlier!)


Love London?

Yes we do!