Meetup 2018

Who is running this week's workshops? You! Choose a nice place and setup your meeting al fresco or in a shared workspace, maybe at the cafe round the corner. What do you really need to take? Your phone & cards? Your iPad phone & cards or your large gamer, studio or admin laptop.

Last minute change of venue? You're at the client-site? No worries. Grab your Meetup Attache (or the backpack if you have to take the Wacom! or the big laptop. Choices... cab or jog there ....or stay cool and nip across town on your bike Clip the attache to your handlebars with a Strappy or on cross-bar and off you go.

If you are one of our customers you will already be thinking what is the least I can carry for this meeting so choose between the Starling Micro, the Meetup Attache or the Meetup Long Backpack, clip on the extras (keys,passes and cards) ......sorted.