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Our handmade luxury products are now available online. Be among the first to scale down what you carry every day with an iconic Starling and Hider Accessory this autumn! Full price items are available below but please check out our local shopping & Follow us offers to make these lovely accessories a bit more accessible to our local and online communities.

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The Starling Micro is a totally New Product. Nobody else makes them except us.... Patent Pending

Starling and Hider Natural Hides

Starling and Hider Leather is of 2 types:Italian Pelle Vera Bubble & Belgian & English VegTan Shoulder and Belly.

Pelle Vera :Bubble is a luxury Italian VegTan leather which is softened by tumbling and heating but is full-hide. By full-hide we mean that the hide is unsplit and un-coated with harsh chemicals such as Chromate. This makes it better for the environment and the people who make or wear our accessories.

and :

English and Belgian VegTan Shoulder. Again the Equestrian or "Bridle" Leather we use is UK produced leather full-hide leather from an English Tannery) and Belly Vegtan (Fine Wallet-making) leather from a high quality Belgian tannery.

We currently use VegTan bubble to make luxury men's and women's accessories.Straps are either made of English Bridle (Equestrian - Shoulder) leather or Bubble (depending on loading, thickness & width of the strap.We sometimes will double the leather for strong strapping points.

We want things to work well for you  and we would prefer if we  heard good things about the way our products wear and weather.Since our products are natural hides they are affected by light. They will continue to tan after they leave us.For instance "natural" starts out white and weather to cream and then light brown. "Yellow" is a vintage colour which will tan to mid-brown.

These products are tanned naturally with no nasty chemical finishes. We offer advice on the care of each products and try to design our accessories so that they wear well.  

Since these hides are natural and their surface is raw and not re-surfaced you may see the odd lump, bump or scratch. We want the cows whose hides are made into your accessories lived nice lives. So we hope you don't mind if our cows rub up against a tree to scratch an itch when they felt like it or takes a bite out of a cheeky bull.If our cows live outside that's ideal.If our sheep eat grass that's great.And when you pick up a Starling and Hider bag these are the things we have been thinking about when we choose our hide suppliers.


Love my handsfree Starling Micro. What a bonus to see of who is calling....say  its my daughter’s school! Super organized, I clip on a "Journey" Card-holder & key-fob. In the street I wear the Micro to the side or under my jacket to be super-stealthy

Hilary :- Executive Director Investment Banking loves her Starling Micro

As a world-traveler, in the UK, Europe & US I need my strictly confidential documents & working papers to hand at all times...The Meetup Attache is light,strong & folds flat so it is a breeze going thro' security. On the plane, there's no panic searching for my purse cards or phone.....everything is where I need it to be!

Julie EMEA Marketing Director :-Robotic Surgery Equipment Manufacturer

My wife got me a great matching attache and backpack. They're both made of strong leather and can take a bit of knocking about on the bikewhilst keeping my devices nicely protected, at work and on my travels as a writer and researcher. I have gone for the tan leather, it smells and feels great and cheers me up just to look at them.

Paul - Biker, Lecturer & Researcher loves the Meetup Attache and Backpack

I'm a dancer and male model and I have a Meetup backpack and attache. Just enough room to carry my laptop and a change of clothes and shoes. Looking forward to a new Starling and Hider holster phone holder to cut down on broken screen costs! Aced it!

Lee - International Male Apparel model

Legacy Leather Tablet Case Gift card

Looking for something for someone special?But not sure of the size of their tablet or computer? A gift card to our store is the perfect idea!

£150 gift Card

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Items In Stock dispatched to you within 2 Days

We want to build trust with our customers and we will send out items within 2 days. Initially Delivery to trial release countries:UK , France , Canada and Japan is free. Let us know if you are buying from another area and we will see what we can do to help get your StarlingandHider bag to you

We allow you to order current-year collections if they are out of stock but since these are handmade and hand-finished items we specify a lead time of 3 weeks Contact Us


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